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Florida Chapter of G.O..M.E.T.S.

(formerly The Brevard County Mets Fan Club)

The Florida Chapter of G.O..M.E.T.S. is conceived as a casual association of people who root for the New York Mets, and who are located in Florida. By joining with us, the members enjoy the fellowship of other Mets Fans.

This is a not-for-profit this time no dues are required. We are NOT officially associated with the New York Mets; just fans that are true to the orange and blue.

During spring training I would like to arrange to see as many games as possible, and am telling all who are interested to e-mail me, if they are interested in attending together. I'm also inviting all Mets fans from "up north" who plan to visit Florida during spring training to arrange to meet and attend games.



If there is sufficient interest, a trip to Miami or Tampa during the regular season to see a Mets game could be organized, or outings to see Florida State League ballgames (the St. Lucie Mets) during the summer.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Lets Go Mets!

Bill Sylvester